What is Path2Leadership?

  • Path2Leadership is a 12-week programme designed to drive individual performance through the blended learning environment of group and 1-1 coaching.
  • The objectives of the programme include providing participants with new tools to grow their network and convert contacts into revenue-generating clients alongside growing their leadership skills.
  • Participants will experience collaboration, accountability, and trust in a peer-to-peer environment where shared experience generates more efficient problem solving and increased personal confidence.
  • Group coaching is interspersed with individual sessions to allow for 1-1 support and challenge around topics faced by individual participants.


  • 01

    Transition to partnership represents the most significant shift in professional service careers. The employee mindset must turn quickly into the mindset of a leader responsible for the long-term success of the firm. Through participation in the Path2Leadership Programme, the transformation is accelerated, leading to quicker financial results and increased personal satisfaction.

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    There are many types of leadership. The Path2Leadership programme is designed to assist participants in discovering their own leadership style rooted in personal strengths.

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    Inner confidence, self-motivation, resilience, and perseverance are key to success as a partner. The Path2Leadership programme offers participants new tools to boost these qualities, as well as take stock and recharge when things do not go as well as expected.

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    Development must be sustainable, building in impact over time. The Path2Leadership programme offers insights and support over a 12-week period and beyond.

Who is the programme for?

Though there is no hard and fast rule, the programme is primarily designed for those expecting to move into leadership roles within 18 months. This will include those who have recently made partner.

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