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The Problem

Understanding what leadership is, and your leadership style, are fundamental steps in your personal growth and professional development. New partners must be able to quickly assume the mindset of a leader, with a resolute confidence in their ability to manage employees and firm activities.

Building inner confidence, self-motivation, resilience and perseverance are key to success. Equipping yourself with effective leadership skills is the first step for your career development.

The Solution

Time is a major constraint, and leadership training must fit the demands of the participants and firms. This is why our course blends group and individual leadership coaching, letting us prioritise your own own leadership style rooted, in personal strengths.

Focused training allows you to practice new behaviours and increase confidence, whilst working within a strong peer network integrates you within a community of new and experienced leaders. This is inclusive leadership, creating sustainable results for you.

Why You?

If you are looking for an accelerated transformation, quicker financial results and increased personal satisfaction, leadership coaching is for you. Engagement in the Path2Leadership programme gives you the training to boost these qualities and overcome unexpected challenges. Management and leadership training is for those eager to take the next step in their career and personal development.

Though there is no hard and fast rule, the programme is primarily designed for those expecting to move into leadership roles within 18 months. This will include those who have recently made partner. This programme will help you become an effective and confident team leader.

Our Programme

The Path2Leadership programme is a blended learning approach delivered over 12 weeks through both group and 1-1 coaching.

Each group (and sponsoring organisation) will specify the topics covered. They may include:

  • Leadership
  • Transitions
  • Business Development
  • Career Management
  • Wellbeing

Group coaching takes place for two hours every two weeks and is interspersed with 1-1 executive coaching. This allows for focused support and challenge around the topics from the group, alongside a focus on individual priorities.

Group sessions focus on leadership skill building and leveraging relationships. 1-1 coaching between sessions allows participants to engage with their personal leadership style, providing an opportunity to address issues that do not apply to the group as a whole.

Accountability is key between sessions. To this end we build a community, wherein each participant can share ideas, reading, etc between sessions. We check in with the group informally to retain momentum and engagement throughout.

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